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Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

Post by LoveButton on 15th July 2011, 15:30

[Rules have been modified by Scramjet on the 26th July. Contact me for a copy of the un-modified rules]

1. First off: Keep in mind this is a brony forum. Remember, our code of conduct is to love and tolerate!

2. Do not double post. If you double post, your second post WILL be deleted. Be careful! Also, do not create duplicate threads. If there is already a thread about TWILATE SPURKLE'S BAHLOON don't make another one with the same topic.

3. Try to speak English. Use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and format with every post. Also, it's alright if you speak a little of other languages (Spanish, for example), but please respect that most people won't be able to understand you and that you should probably talk in English. Use of a spell checker is a good idea as well. Remember, a well worded post shows respect to the bronies that are reading it.

4. Cursing is allowed, however, do not overdo it. NSFW items are also allowed, but cannot be posted in normal boards. Any NSFW items you post must be put in the NSFW board. Putting them anywhere else will result in a warning, and your post will be deleted.

5. Harassment on the forums is not tolerated. If a forum member asks you to stop harassing them, you must comply. This includes insults. If you are posting in a debate thread, you may insult ponies, but don't go overboard.

6. No overly large signatures/avatars. They are a privilege, not a right. You are responsible enough to know an appropriate size. Also, no NSFW images as signatures/avatars.

7. If you have been banned, you can contact a staff member at to appeal your un-banishment. We believe in second chances here, so even a permanently banned member can come back, given we let them.

8. One account per person please.

9. Make sure you post threads in the right sections. If your thread is about movies, don't put it in the Feedback/Suggestions forum.

10. Big images must be put in spoiler tags. Do not quote large images either.

11. If you're new, make an introduction thread! We love to welcome people, young and old, big and small! So, welcome to Cloudsdale! You don't have to be a pegasus to hang out here!


Forum Rules 11c9lsi

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