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[random] Favorite quotes

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[random] Favorite quotes Empty [random] Favorite quotes

Post by Bloomberg on 21st July 2011, 06:18

"My penis is simply a reflection of the woman that I am"
~Rarity in Big Adventure Tons of Fun

Favorite Pony : Bloomberg
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[random] Favorite quotes Empty Re: [random] Favorite quotes

Post by D45H on 21st July 2011, 06:25

The best night ever

"And I'm not a fillyfooler like my sister is!" called out the other mare, Wildfire. Spitfire pushed her way into the full path of the raincloud while Wildfire begrudgingly stumbled out the shower, dripping wet.
"We'll see about that!" sugarcube Dew walked over to Wildfire and leaned smoothly against her side. Wildfire stood still and closed her eyes, knowing she was trying to seduce her. Dew moved further down her back and slowly licked her cutie mark, the image of a raging conflagration. Wildfire's wings twitched and half raised, but she quickly contorted her face in concentration and they went down slightly. Dew kept up the attack and rubbed her hoof along the back of her haunch. The sensation was too much and Wildfire's wings fully extended, causing sugarcube Dew back off. "Now what were you saying Wildfire?"


[random] Favorite quotes Meh_by_caltakumon-d3naomh

Favorite Pony : Rainbow Dash, Duh.
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[random] Favorite quotes Empty Re: [random] Favorite quotes

Post by LoveButton on 21st July 2011, 06:41

"I just want to go home...."
~ hehehe guess


[random] Favorite quotes 11c9lsi

Making friends can be fun; even though it can be scary at first.
(Thanks to D45H for my sig)

Favorite Pony : Twilight Sparkle / Fluttershy / D45H
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[random] Favorite quotes Empty Re: [random] Favorite quotes

Post by Sponsored content

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